Monday, February 6, 2012


assalamualaikum... to those who gives his or her time to read my blog...
it have been a while since i last wrote.. since then so much have happened..

I realize that Allah has decided that i'm ready for more adventure to be filled in my nursing diary. Last two months, a bit unexpectedly i had to accompany a patient straight from operation theater to another hospital due to our insufficient facilities. Arriving to the hospital, i was half expecting to be able to meet my friend that works there. But it seems that both of us are buzy, we didn't get to see each other until this month. It was tiring waiting for the patient to be accepted to the hospitals's OT.. then... to put on a cherry on top... we stumble upon an accident involving 3 young men on our way back. We ensure the men were stable while waiting for the other ambulance to come to fetch one of the man to hosp serdang. We sent two of the men while the other was sent by the serdang's ambulance. On the way back from the hosp, i've come to realize that my uniform was soiled by the patient's blood. Arriving our hosp, i changed to an op garment, i need to.. how can i pray with a bloody garment. it was really a tiring night shift..

then there are a few shifts at jasmine that really stretched my patience... works at jasmine are easy most of the time; so i can understand the reluctant to stationed another nurse for each shift, but when the 3 rooms accomodate medical patients with one patient for blood transfusion, one patient for hospital transfer, one patient also a dengue patient, but nothing has been done for her, and another newly admitted paediatric patient.. i got some tears to get through the day, but i wouldnt say i cried. then a few days after that, i got almost another shift like that.. only not crazy enough to wring any tears from me... honestly... Allah doesn't gives upon a person something that he can't handle... He knows that i can handle it....

Ya Allah, please gives me strength and patience to go through the day.. Ameen..