Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memories of Rufaydah....

-gambar terakhir BEY 2280; aka Rufaydah-

-tuan pertama BEY2280-

-tuan terakhir BEY2280-

I may never see Rufaydah again...

this is the picture of her two years back... after the accident at Temerloh... this is before sending her to the car hospital where she had a makeover....

Rufaydah... you have been a very good car... bringing me to almost the whole Pahang...

thank you....

Monday, June 7, 2010

magnet for bugs..

hate it or not, I've realized that i have become a magnet for bugs..

I realize that somehow my blood have always been the prefered blood by mosquitoes compared to the others around me.. it is quit frustrating sometimes.. and itchy..

nowadays there are always bees hovering to the lamp at my room.. one day one of those bees sit ontop of my hair.. when I asked my room-mate to help it get out, the bee goes even deeper into my hair..thank God that the bee stayed near to my ear so Humm can help me throw it out..

I was standing near a patient in ward 4c at HTAA while discussing with some juniors from Shahputra when suddenly I heard someone said "look!" . There was this moth on my shoulder and it walk up to my head before flying back to the open sky...

Meaning of Friends...

even if we're just seperated.. I'll always count the time till we meet again..

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was sighing one hot day on everything isn’t going my way…

when suddenly I realize; why should I be sighing when i have a lot to be grateful for…

I have a family that is still together even after a rough storm…

I have nice room-mates that helps me in my good and my bad moods

I have friends that are willing to help even in the most ridiculous demands

I have good limbs and face and organ..( I’m not cripple.. no?)

I still manage to eat and drink and feel hungry and feel sleepy and feel… (fill in the blanks with any feelings you want, all is possible)

I live in a country that, even if not so political stable, at least we are not in a war where we don’t dare to let the children go out from the house

I felt the love from those who left me… even if they are not on the earth anymore, they still have a place in my heart..

I still have faith, that maybe not as strong as the sahabiah’s, still have a certain strength.

I still have….

I can’t write anymore… or not it’ll be too much…

So to all my friends, in time of needs, remember that we still have a lot to be thankful for…

so put on a smile.. (”,)

Friends = Rainbow

Friends are like rainbows
this I know

Because each color stands alone,
yet blends together from a distance.

As friends, we each have our own identities,
but also have some similarities

We have lots in common that we like to do,
and we have values and morals that are similar.

A rainbow makes you smile
just as good friends do too.

From a distance you can spot a beautiful rainbow,
just as you can spot a good friend.

(I was packing when I found this piece of poem.. think should share this piece for all)

Tour de State Che Wan Kembang

First few days at the state Che Wan Kembang

Upon arriving here, I have to admit that we’re very excited regardless of the exhaustion. That not long our luner (lunch + diner), we headed to Mydin and find reasons for spending our money, and plenty of reasons (if you look upon it). It is going to be hard restraining our self…

Tour de HUSM
After the briefing given by the Asst. Director of HUSM, we’re given a small tour around the medical center. As only a few are allowed to enter in a time, we spend our free moments with poses in front of the lens.. hehehe

~At the staff’s corridor.~

~Touching a pregnant mother’s belly. Nak dapat berkat. hehehe~

If that is not enough, returning our motel we decided to go for a walk.. to shop for windows.. and more. kih3.

Here is a wall we found on our way there. I have to admit it’s a bad act of vandalism, but what can I say, its too pretty and cute.

Nak makan selain nasi kat situ, macam ada 1 choice je: lighthouse cafe.walaupun macam murah, tapi... akak tu kena lebih rajin senyum...

Ni kitorang sambut b'day Naddy yg ke... (sila cari sendiri.. hehe)

~rezeki ku~

~rezeki Naddy~

~rezeki CTZ~

~rezeki Humm~

~mengelamun sebab perut penuh sangat~
ps:menggatal tak copy gambar diorang... so ada gambar food je

How to make your own teddy bear?

What you need:
1) Old t-shirts
2) A good pair of scissors
3) Pins
4) Buttons (4 according to the color of your bear, 2 for the eyes)
5) Unpicker (to open wrong stitches; if you never got a wrong stitches in your life, then you don’t need one)
6) Thread
7) Stuffing
8) Bear pattern. (I got this from the internet)
Thanks to Seng S.
Instruction to make:
1) Cut the t-shirts according to the patterns

2) For the paws, legs and ears; you can use one design of t-shirt or you can also give some more color

3) For the head, attach the gusset to he side head. Remember to give enough space for the head to be sewn to the body.

4) Sew the belly and butt before attaching them together.

5) You can either attach the head to the body first or the paws and legs first to the body.

6) To attach the paws or the legs, stuff in some stuffing to the end of the paw or leg

7) Sew a button to the paw or leg

8) Attach that part to the body and reinforce with a number of sewing.

9) Finish attaching all the paws and legs

10) To attach the ears, roll some stuffing before inserting to the ear.

11) Sew the front of the ears first

12) Then the back.

13) Sew the eyes. You can use special
eye button or any dark colored button for the eye.

Finish! You can use the bear just as it is or you can add a ribbon to decorate it.
Happy bear hugging. (“,)v

Oglio olio

-my own oglio olio- still hot from the pan...-

A friend of my have once told me to write some simple edible pasta recipes… so Haidan, here goes…

Oglio olio


1- extra virgin olive oil

(Plain olive oil has a different taste and texture from extra virgin… not advisable to change type of oil)

2- Chopped garlic, 2-3 cloves. Depend on the amount of pasta

3- Mushroom. It is advisable to use strong flavored mushroom such as shitake

4- Prawns

5- Dried red pepper flakes

6- Freshly cut parsley. My mother only used the Italian parsley so far.

7- Thin pasta such as spaghetti or angel’s hair. Thick pasta will drown the taste of the sauce.

8- Salt.

Way 2 cook it.

a- Cook the pasta until al dente.

b- Heat 1 in frying pan and stir fry 2 until it started to turn golden.

c- Put in 4 and cook until it turns red.

d- Throw in 3 until it soften.

e- Put in 8 and 5 depending on your preference.

f- Toss in warm freshly cooked pasta

g- Put in 6 and give it a turn before serving.

must be eaten hot- not tasty when cold. can be reheated.

versi bahasa malaysia


pasta-spaghetti, angels hair

extra virgin olive oil (minyak zaitun terlebih dara[hahaha])

bawang putih, dicincang

sumber protein spt udang

cendawan yang berperisa kuat spt shitake

english parsley, dipotong halus

cili merah kering, digunting kecil



rebus pasta mengikut arahan pada bungkusan, toskan

panaskan kuali. masukkan minyak zaitun

tumis bawang putih hingga wangi

masukkan udang, kacau hingga masak

masukkan cendawan

masukkan parsley dan cili kering

tambah garam secukup rasa

masukkan pasta, gaul rata

hidang panas

Hooray for circle cookie cutter!

It has been long since I make a new design for the cupcake that I decorated. These few times, I started to try the circle cookie cutter to reduce my need for detailing. Here are what I’ve achieve.

Do tell me what you think. (“,)v

How to make your own Bunny Rabbit

rabbit from gloves..

What you need?

1) A pair of clean gloves (preferable: ordinary gardening glove)
2) A good pair of scissors
3) Two dark colored buttons
4) Stuffing
5) Thread


1) Turn the glove in-side-out

2) Sew the fingers (as shown)

3) Cut the fingers away. Put the fingers aside for future use

4) Turn it the right-way-up again (in-side-out). Do that for both of the gloves.

5) This is a preview on how you’ll arrange this:

6) Put in the stuffing into both gloves and sew them together. Remember to pins the head before sewing them as they have a tendency of slipping.

7) Attach the stuffed fingers to make the hands. You can either use the thumb or the index finger.

8) Sew the eyes. You can use special eye buttons or any dark colored buttons.

9) Sew the nose using pink thread or you can use pink oval buttons.

10) You can let it stay like this, or you can tie a ribbon or give it clothing to hide its neck attachment.

There you go, a bunny rabbit. Happy hopping. (“,)v