Monday, June 7, 2010

magnet for bugs..

hate it or not, I've realized that i have become a magnet for bugs..

I realize that somehow my blood have always been the prefered blood by mosquitoes compared to the others around me.. it is quit frustrating sometimes.. and itchy..

nowadays there are always bees hovering to the lamp at my room.. one day one of those bees sit ontop of my hair.. when I asked my room-mate to help it get out, the bee goes even deeper into my hair..thank God that the bee stayed near to my ear so Humm can help me throw it out..

I was standing near a patient in ward 4c at HTAA while discussing with some juniors from Shahputra when suddenly I heard someone said "look!" . There was this moth on my shoulder and it walk up to my head before flying back to the open sky...

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