Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tour de State Che Wan Kembang

First few days at the state Che Wan Kembang

Upon arriving here, I have to admit that we’re very excited regardless of the exhaustion. That not long our luner (lunch + diner), we headed to Mydin and find reasons for spending our money, and plenty of reasons (if you look upon it). It is going to be hard restraining our self…

Tour de HUSM
After the briefing given by the Asst. Director of HUSM, we’re given a small tour around the medical center. As only a few are allowed to enter in a time, we spend our free moments with poses in front of the lens.. hehehe

~At the staff’s corridor.~

~Touching a pregnant mother’s belly. Nak dapat berkat. hehehe~

If that is not enough, returning our motel we decided to go for a walk.. to shop for windows.. and more. kih3.

Here is a wall we found on our way there. I have to admit it’s a bad act of vandalism, but what can I say, its too pretty and cute.

Nak makan selain nasi kat situ, macam ada 1 choice je: lighthouse cafe.walaupun macam murah, tapi... akak tu kena lebih rajin senyum...

Ni kitorang sambut b'day Naddy yg ke... (sila cari sendiri.. hehe)

~rezeki ku~

~rezeki Naddy~

~rezeki CTZ~

~rezeki Humm~

~mengelamun sebab perut penuh sangat~
ps:menggatal tak copy gambar diorang... so ada gambar food je

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