Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to make your own Bunny Rabbit

rabbit from gloves..

What you need?

1) A pair of clean gloves (preferable: ordinary gardening glove)
2) A good pair of scissors
3) Two dark colored buttons
4) Stuffing
5) Thread


1) Turn the glove in-side-out

2) Sew the fingers (as shown)

3) Cut the fingers away. Put the fingers aside for future use

4) Turn it the right-way-up again (in-side-out). Do that for both of the gloves.

5) This is a preview on how you’ll arrange this:

6) Put in the stuffing into both gloves and sew them together. Remember to pins the head before sewing them as they have a tendency of slipping.

7) Attach the stuffed fingers to make the hands. You can either use the thumb or the index finger.

8) Sew the eyes. You can use special eye buttons or any dark colored buttons.

9) Sew the nose using pink thread or you can use pink oval buttons.

10) You can let it stay like this, or you can tie a ribbon or give it clothing to hide its neck attachment.

There you go, a bunny rabbit. Happy hopping. (“,)v

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