Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was sighing one hot day on everything isn’t going my way…

when suddenly I realize; why should I be sighing when i have a lot to be grateful for…

I have a family that is still together even after a rough storm…

I have nice room-mates that helps me in my good and my bad moods

I have friends that are willing to help even in the most ridiculous demands

I have good limbs and face and organ..( I’m not cripple.. no?)

I still manage to eat and drink and feel hungry and feel sleepy and feel… (fill in the blanks with any feelings you want, all is possible)

I live in a country that, even if not so political stable, at least we are not in a war where we don’t dare to let the children go out from the house

I felt the love from those who left me… even if they are not on the earth anymore, they still have a place in my heart..

I still have faith, that maybe not as strong as the sahabiah’s, still have a certain strength.

I still have….

I can’t write anymore… or not it’ll be too much…

So to all my friends, in time of needs, remember that we still have a lot to be thankful for…

so put on a smile.. (”,)

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  1. really2 glad to be ur roommate, mona. remembering u will be one of the reasons for me to put on a smile.^_^. love u lots, dear.