Monday, January 6, 2014



  Without you knowing, it's already 2014..The first Muharram already left, and now another indicator of a new year comes again...I started the year as a slave, a daughter, a sister, a nurse, a friend, an enemy; perhaps, and a fiance. I would lie if I say that life comes flowing, gliding..but life comes like a river, sometimes trickling, lapping and sometimes slapping you hard across the face..
     What I've learn so far is that life comes unexpectedly bringing tears and laughter...sadness and joy... and you reap from it is what that is important..I sometimes become a good slave; pious and grateful, and sometimes be rebellious, be against what that been given.
   I ended the previous year still as a slave, a daughter, a nurse, a friend, perhaps still an enemy, and as a new wife.. The other posts, I have experience in them, whether I perceive it badly, or nicely, but, as a wife, its a road that I have just trodden.. on it, I've stepped onto thorn, but I also uncover flowers along the way.. The coming years, insyaAllah, will with my family, friends, co-worker and husband.. 
  Life is bringing more color