Friday, May 23, 2014

Mushroom and chicken cream pasta

The base for this pasta is:
1- saute garlic
2- add sliced mushroom
3- add chicken cream soup
4-pour in the pasta of your choice

I tweak it a bit by:
1- saute garlic
2- browning a slab of chicken in the oil and garlic
3- take out the chicken and cut into small piece. discard the very brown garlic
4- saute new garlic into the same saucepan, scrape the pan while you're at it
5- add back in the chicken, cook a bit
6- add slice mushroom, preferable shitake
7- add broccoli
8- add in the chicken soup, stir in well
9- add in milk or cheese if you want it creamier.
10- add salt and pepper to taste.
11- pour onto pasta of your choice.