Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oglio olio

-my own oglio olio- still hot from the pan...-

A friend of my have once told me to write some simple edible pasta recipes… so Haidan, here goes…

Oglio olio


1- extra virgin olive oil

(Plain olive oil has a different taste and texture from extra virgin… not advisable to change type of oil)

2- Chopped garlic, 2-3 cloves. Depend on the amount of pasta

3- Mushroom. It is advisable to use strong flavored mushroom such as shitake

4- Prawns

5- Dried red pepper flakes

6- Freshly cut parsley. My mother only used the Italian parsley so far.

7- Thin pasta such as spaghetti or angel’s hair. Thick pasta will drown the taste of the sauce.

8- Salt.

Way 2 cook it.

a- Cook the pasta until al dente.

b- Heat 1 in frying pan and stir fry 2 until it started to turn golden.

c- Put in 4 and cook until it turns red.

d- Throw in 3 until it soften.

e- Put in 8 and 5 depending on your preference.

f- Toss in warm freshly cooked pasta

g- Put in 6 and give it a turn before serving.

must be eaten hot- not tasty when cold. can be reheated.

versi bahasa malaysia


pasta-spaghetti, angels hair

extra virgin olive oil (minyak zaitun terlebih dara[hahaha])

bawang putih, dicincang

sumber protein spt udang

cendawan yang berperisa kuat spt shitake

english parsley, dipotong halus

cili merah kering, digunting kecil



rebus pasta mengikut arahan pada bungkusan, toskan

panaskan kuali. masukkan minyak zaitun

tumis bawang putih hingga wangi

masukkan udang, kacau hingga masak

masukkan cendawan

masukkan parsley dan cili kering

tambah garam secukup rasa

masukkan pasta, gaul rata

hidang panas

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