Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to make your own teddy bear?

What you need:
1) Old t-shirts
2) A good pair of scissors
3) Pins
4) Buttons (4 according to the color of your bear, 2 for the eyes)
5) Unpicker (to open wrong stitches; if you never got a wrong stitches in your life, then you don’t need one)
6) Thread
7) Stuffing
8) Bear pattern. (I got this from the internet)
Thanks to Seng S.
Instruction to make:
1) Cut the t-shirts according to the patterns

2) For the paws, legs and ears; you can use one design of t-shirt or you can also give some more color

3) For the head, attach the gusset to he side head. Remember to give enough space for the head to be sewn to the body.

4) Sew the belly and butt before attaching them together.

5) You can either attach the head to the body first or the paws and legs first to the body.

6) To attach the paws or the legs, stuff in some stuffing to the end of the paw or leg

7) Sew a button to the paw or leg

8) Attach that part to the body and reinforce with a number of sewing.

9) Finish attaching all the paws and legs

10) To attach the ears, roll some stuffing before inserting to the ear.

11) Sew the front of the ears first

12) Then the back.

13) Sew the eyes. You can use special
eye button or any dark colored button for the eye.

Finish! You can use the bear just as it is or you can add a ribbon to decorate it.
Happy bear hugging. (“,)v

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