Friday, April 9, 2010

Syukran jazilan

I want to give a big hug to all that helped me during my research phase (didn't I talked as if I'm done? hihi).

Mak, Ayah... that give me support- spiritual support, monetary support, hand phone listening support... and plenty more

Maya... yeah, you helped too.

To my class mates: Siti.. Fos.. K Mar.. Amy.. Hum.. Dayah.. K Am.. Ain.. and all the others.. if it weren't for you all... I cant imagine what will become of my research.

To my lecturer that helped.. Dr Laith (even if I dreaded to meet you..) Dr Farid Uddin, Dr Azlina.. Sr Meriati, Sn Juraziah..

I don't think anyone can repay it as good as Allah can.. I can only pray Allah will give you more than you deserve.. (",)

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