Monday, November 29, 2010

What had shaped you?

I'm attending a program under MOHE; MCMF...

In the first day of the 6 weeks program, the fasilitator asked us a fundamental qustion that made me wonder myself: what had shaped you?

After deep thinking and unfolding of the past, I can conclude that 3 main reasons help in shaping me till who I am today.

Family is an element I dont think no one would deny as one of the elements that shaped them. For me, as both of my parents are very busy, it somehow forced me to be more mature and installed a sense of responsibility into myself. Also, as my mother need to fire the maid when I was young, I started to cook at an early age (for this era).

I am confident enough to say that I am quite a famous person that I have a lot of friends. Be they good or be them bad, but I can say that I'am those lucky few who have friends that I can count to throughout the storm and the sunny days. These group of friends that have accompany me from kindergarten until now is one of my blessing that I'm thankful each day.

Another element that I think have a huge impact to my life is my educational background. My life phase at the Institional of Hira' have shaped me to be someone who I can trust to not be such a bad person if left on her own... (Thank God *phew*). My learning phase at IIUM Kuantan for my Degree in Nursing also helped in shaping me as a human. Watching people struggling to earn each day to live some how bring me a bit to my senses.. how fragile life is... if you dont appreciate it now, you may never have the chance then.. Watching mother give birth to her baby, after all those pain and hardship of bringing a human being to the world, she will love that human being who have just almost killed her...a mother's love... Watch sick children... but they are so happy even while being sick.. How we need to appreciate life....

After writing al this, I need to thank Him for all His blessing everyday for shaping me to the me now... I wouldnt change it for anyhing...

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