Friday, December 31, 2010


Another year passes by. I can say that I have go through a lot this year, but I have lots more to learn and more to achieve.

I gone through my final posting phase during the first 5 months. In primary health sector, infection control, oncology, intensive care and neonate... During these time I also manage to finish my Final Year Project and got to a conclusion that a woman need to ensure that she is in excellent health before even getting pregnant.
A week before LJM, my car broke down... then my father sentence her to be sold..
On the 26th of June, my classmates and I even go through LJM exam and each of us manage to pass without any glitch.

After leaving Kuantan I've become a manic cook... my FB exploded with my cooking... (signs of one who have all the time in the world)
In October, we all go through with our graduation day... and a glorious day it was... with some tears along with it...
I got a call from My Career My Future around November and the day before yesterday was actually my last there there... I could say that I can never be sorry that I gone through the program. I think that it helped me; even a little in my An Nur interview...
we only have another couple more minute before welcoming the year 2011. Good Night... Happy Holiday... May this new year bring more of His blessing

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