Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homesick = sakit rumah

In the Macmillan English Dictionary, it define homesick as feeling sad and alone because you are far from home. I think a lot of us know the definition of homesick. I think I did too, until I went and face the world to work around strangers for the first time.

I never think much about the term homesick when I went to boarding school (secondary school) for the first time. I didn’t worry about it during my matriculation days. I didn’t even fret about it when I went to Kuantan for my degree. But I felt it so strongly when I go to Bangi; which not suppose to be a problem when Bangi is only 30 minutes away from Shah Alam.
I didn’t notice it first, but then I realize that I’m as susceptible to crying as a tap that has it’s rubber inside broken; a little nudge and the water pours out.

I do feel ashamed of myself though; as a 25yrs old person to be as susceptible to crying as I do now… I can get dehydrated not only from sweating and exhaling.. but also from crying..

I hope I can be a better adaptable person.. I also hope that Allah will give what He thinks is best for me..


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