Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Spicy lasagna tuna.

As both my parents are going for an academic leave, and as finding malay-style food will be difficult there, I somehow got a revelation on making Sambal- infused Lasagna; and somehow, it worked. My parents seem to like it, my husband praise it, so i would love for you to try it. So, this is how it was done:

A) Sambal:
-Oil -2-3 tablespoon
-Chili paste - 2 tablespoon
-Onion - 1, diced
-Tamarin paste - 2-3 teaspoon diluted in water
-Salt and sugar to taste
-Crushed dry anchovies (optional)

B) Tuna - crushed
(I used tuna chunks in oil, you can also use sardine, but I'll advice you to wash off the tomato sauce)

C) Corn or peas (optional)

D) Lasagna sheets

E) Roux
-Salt and pepper to taste

F) Cheese slices. (you can use cheddar, but mozarella have a more creamy taste.)

G) Water or milk

H) Breadcrumbs (optional)

1- Firstly, make the sambal; saute the sliced onion until fragrant, then add the anchovies (also until fragrant). then add the chili paste. cook until the color darkens, from bright red to a deep red; all the while stirring with caution. add the tamarin paste. add the salt and sugar to taste.
2- Add the crushed tuna or sardine. mix throughly.
3- Add the corn and turn off the heat. set aside
4- Prepare the roux: melt half block of butter. (about 100g), stir in flour and cook until the color seems more translucent. add in milk until smooth. (about 1 1/2 cup of milk). add in salt and pepper to taste.
5- Prepare the baking dish. put on a layer of oil onto the dish before putting in the lasagna sheet to help it un-stick to the dish.
6- Layering: lasagna sheet, then the sambal tuna, then the roux, then the lasagna sheet, the the sambal tuna, then the roux and lastly the cheese slice.
7- Pour in some water, or even better, some milk, to help the lasagna cook evenly.
8- Sprinkle some breadcrumbs if you want some crunch to your dish.
9- Bake until bubbly and cooked, about 40 minutes.
10- let it cooled down and set before enjoying. :)

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