Saturday, September 4, 2010


basic sushi? hehe you just need:

a) sesame oil

b) hot rice

c) mayonese

d) a pinch of salt

e) sheets of dried seaweed

f) protein source; such as omelet (cut long) or fish (also cut long)

g) carrot (cut long and boil)

Add the oil, salt and mayonese to the hot rice.. mix them together..add according to your taste, so add a little at a time.

Spread the rice on the seaweed sheet.

Arrange the carrot, eggs so it will be allign to the edge of the sheet neerest to you.

Slowly and carefully start to roll the sheet starting from the edge neerest to you.

After finishing, the sushi will look like a long tube.

Cut it to the thickness that you like.

You can even add minced vegetable to the rice or even sesame seed. It can give an extra points to the dish

versi bahasa malaysia


nasi panas

minyak bijan


kepingan rumpai laut

lobak merah- dipotong panjang dan direbus

sumber protein - ayam, daging


gaul nasi, minyak bijan, garam dan mayonis. tambah sayur hancur dan biji bijan jika itu pilihan anda

bentang sekeping kepingan agarlaut.

lumurkan satu lapisan nasi

letak sebaris lobak, sumber protein

gulung hinggal membentuk segulung nasi. potong dalam setengah inci

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